Wendy & Dianne in the picture

Mediamakers (Hosts/Journalists/Reporters/Editors)

Sense of humor, Fast, Fresh, Identical Twins.

One could describe Dianne and Wendy as energetic, cheerful, noisy and quite enthusiastic. Loaded with a big dose of curiosity, they did a study in Journalism and they worked and lived all over the world.

Wendy starts working for Dutch anchorman Max Westerman in New York, writes for a variety of magazines in the Netherlands as well as in Australia. Dianne studies Photography in the UK, works for many magazines and for African newspapers and TV.

Together they hitchhiked for MTV The Trip (a TV show) from the Sahara to Saint Petersburg; without any money but armed with two cameras.  After this the twins air with their own TV show on public Dutch TV. They treat social subjects in a semi-funny and yet critical way that leads them to be able to ask any question and get away with it. Why are we Too Fat, Too Christian or Too horny anyways?

They still ask similar questions in the media world. They host, write, organise, correct, recite and come up with just about a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. 

Their surprisingly freshness and honesty always make sure there’s life at the party!