Neil Armstrong


W&D:     Mister Armstrong, what did it feel like being the first man on the moon?

NA:         It felt great

W&D:     Are u sure you have been there, it wasn’t a set up?

NA:         Nope.

W&D:  "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." How long did you  

                think about that sentence? And what sentence did you also take into consideration?

NA:         Well, the first sentence I uttered was ‘GDMMT’ because I tripped. Naturally, I was

                ordered by Houston to come up with something better. Luckily they had staged         

                the landing in every detail and the scriptwriters had their famous sentence handy. 

W&D:    We read somewhere that you could fly before you could drive? A bit weird, isn’t it?

NA:          I just could. When I was six I flew for the first time, that might have triggered the

  .      passion. But I do not have a recollection of that. By the age of sixteen I got my pilot’s     . 


W&D:    Would you be so kind to show us some personal photo’s of your travels to

                 Jamaica, Australia and ehm, well, The Moon?

NA:         Not a problem. I’d be pleased to show them to you two fine ladies.

W&D:    No other questions. We are hungry. Let’s have dinner now.

The moon, seen from Neil’s window.                 Beluister: Neil’s ware woorden.