About Ourselves


Dianne about Wendy: (really totally objective)

‘Sometimes she’s funny, quick and fast, and at the same time formulating her words in quite sublimely formed sentences. It’s a miracle!’

‘Of course she’s a clone of me, since I was the first born. (A weak copy, that’s how you can call it too).’

‘There are only few people that can do what Wendy achieves in the media industry. She’s unique. One of a kind. Fantasticly, orgasticly great . Did I already mention we are identical twins?’

‘Sometimes I suspect that  Shakespeare copied Wendy’s writing style...’

But to put this in the right perspective: not everything she cooks is tasty.

Wendy about Dianne: (really totally objective)

‘I wouldn’t want to make a TV-programme with another twinsister.’ 

‘She did things in Africa, in the journalism business. Rumour has is that some tribes were so content with her, they’d all changed their surnames in DianneCaris.’

‘Not only Chuck Norris, but also Dianne can speak braille...’

‘Sometimes I suspect that Louis Theroux copied his interview techniques from Dianne.’

But to put this in the right perspective: she can wear the same socks for a whole week in a row